Student Registration

Student Registration

Welcome to North Brunswick Township! Appointments are required for all new student registrations.  Please review and follow the directions outlined below. Also, please note note that all Non-English documents MUST be translated and notarized before registration.

What should I bring to registration? 


  1. Proof of Residency in North Brunswick 
    Current Rental Lease or Homeowner’s Deed or Tax Bill AND 
    Two current utility bills from different companies -must include date & be within 30 days of registration.  More detailed information is available on the residency page linked here.   
  2. Applicants who  do not have a lease/mortgage  in their name and are living with a North Brunswick resident must apply for an Affidavit of Residency. If you are renting a privately owned home you must apply for an Owner Landlord Affidavit.  Click here  for more information.
  3. Original Birth Certificate of child - must include names of parents
  4. Health Records - Immunization records and a current physical exam (dated after September 6, 2015) are required from previous school or personal records from family doctor. 

    The student cannot be admitted without health records. 

    For further information about district health requirements visit link, Nurse's Office

What forms have to be completed to register my child?

You must bring the following completed paperwork with you to your registration appointment:

Registration and Health Forms  Counselor Registration (High School Only),  Elective Sheet (High School Only)  and parent portal forms.  All documents can be downloaded below and must be fully completed prior to your appointment.

Where do I register my child?

  Kindergarten to Grade 5 Registration:

Which elementary school will my child attend?

Elementary students are placed based on street boundaries.   To determine which elementary school a child is assigned, please click on the " Elementary School Street Assignment " link at the bottom of the page to find the name of the street on which you live.   This information is required when you schedule your appointment.

              Maple Meade Admin Building 308 Old Georges Rd by appointment                 only. 

              Click Here to Schedule Appointment 


Linwood Grades 6-8:

Linwood Middle School 25 Linwood Place by appointment only.

Click Here to Schedule Appointment

North Brunswick Township High School Grades 9-12:

Registration at the High School by appointment only.   

Click Here to Schedule Appointment

High School Registrants with Foreign High School Records:

All overseas student records from a student’s former school – (birth certificate, official copy of most recent transcript, current report card, current schedule, standardized test scores and IEP or 504, if applicable)­ –  MUST be translated into English and certified. It is advisable for foreign records to be translated and converted to an American system by World Education Services. Those translations can then be used by students when they apply to colleges and universities. All overseas grades will be reflected as a PASS or FAIL on the students North Brunswick Township High School transcript.

All students entering NBTHS must fill out the front page of the Elective Sheet .  Please reference the back page for requirements.  Please utilize our Online Course Guide on the school website to identify courses that would be of interest.  All lines must be filled out and brought with you at the time of the registration appointment.